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加入 YWF,庆祝世界议会第 9 届年度周!通过我们的联合声音,我们可以迫使各国政府听取我们对#AbolishWar #SaveEarth的要求。坐等不再是一种选择。 



  1. 参加由 YWF 或我们在世界联邦主义运动中的朋友组织的活动,

  2. 组织自己的活动并将其添加到运动日历中,或 

  3. 在下方捐款以帮助支付年轻参与者的旅行和住宿费用。 

Every year, people who support the creation of a democratic world federation come together to celebrate the Week for World Parliament around UN Day, the anniversary of the creation of the United Nations on October 24th, 1947.

The Young World Federalists is proud to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Week for World Parliament this October 2023. See below for more information about our events. In 2022, we raised over $6,000 USD to support young people on four continents to come together in support of democratic global governance. Read the blog post about our events for the 2022 Week for World Parliament.

WWP23 Webinar 3.0.png
24 OCTOBER 2023 | online

The 10th Anniversary of the Week for World Parliament comes as we face mounting global issues.

Wars rage across several continents, climate-induced disasters increase in severity, and the rise of authoritarian values undermines global citizenship and democracy. 


Heikki Patomäki, Rebecca Shoot, and Adrien Fabre are three leading experts in the field of global economic and political reform. Join us for a panel discussion and Q&A as we explore methods to reform global systems to address global challenges. 

WWP23 Nairobi.png
26 OCTOBER 2023 | Nairobi

In the spirit of the original drafters of the United Nations Charter, who believed in a humanity that takes hold of its collective future, the East Africa chapter of YWF, in partnership with Strathmore University, is proud to celebrate the 10th Week for World Parliament with a simulation of a modified UN General Assembly.


In this simulation, countries are not represented by delegates, but by democratically elected members of parliament. The simulation will vote on the collated text of the 2022 Global Youth Declaration.

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