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Our Vision

To nurture the spirit of global citizenship in young West Africans, and mobilize individuals, communities, institutions and governments to advocate for a world federal government. 

Our Mission

To provide a platform in West Africa for involving the youth in the discussion of 'glocal' (global + local) affairs, and the mobilization of international opinion for the formation of stronger regional integration and a democratic world federation.

We support the African Union's Agenda 2063

Our Objectives

To educate the public and raise awareness about the need for stronger regional integration and a democratic world federation to solve pressing 'glocal' issues by building a strong contingent of individuals, institutions, and governments at the national and subregional levels.

Our Strategy

Convince the West African youth that solving pressing world issues requires a strong awareness and understanding of the interconnectedness and the complexity of 'glocal' challenges.

Email to connect with YWF West Africa. 

Chapter Contact

Alimi Salifou
Organizing Lead
YWF West Africa

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