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YWF Malaysia organizes charity action for people with disabilities

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

YWF Malaysia and ONMA volunteers at Rumah Ahsana.

Young World Federalists - Malaysia, in association with One Nation Malaysia Association (ONMA), organized a day of free dental care at the Rumah Ahsana home for people with disabilities in Kuala Lumpur. Dental instruments were provided by Avisienna Dental Care HQ Kajang. Alongside the free dental care provided by Dr Aina Nureena, YWF Malaysia and the ONMA organized watercolour painting and lunch for the residents of Rumah Ahsana.

Chapter organizer of YWF Malaysia, Amirul Haikal, said that he recommended this activity to his team because oral health is important for humans and that people living with disabilities deserve the same standard of dental care as everyone else. Amirul reported that the residents of Rumah Ahsana were happy to receive the dental examination from Dr Nureena.

Dental staff providing care to residents of Rumah Ahsana.
Dental staff providing care to residents of Rumah Ahsana.

In addition to the dental examination, YWF Malaysia and ONMA volunteers organized watercolour painting for the Rumah Ahsana residents. Each participant was provided with a set of watercolours and paper. Amirul reported that during this activity, the residents were radiating with happiness.

After completing the activities, the volunteers distributed souvenirs to the residents of Rumah Ahsana and gave a certificate of appreciation to the Ahsana Kuala Lumpur Charity Association for their help in organising the activities that day. YWF Malaysia and ONMA hope that this activity raises awareness of the rights of people with disabilities. They wish to remind others that people with disabilities deserve a fair and equitable life and that the unification of humanity must also include them. Amirul expressed a desire that actions like this will allow the love between people to become perfectly interwoven, culminating in the harmonious unification of humanity.

Souvenir bags were provided to the residents of Rumah Ahsana.

🚀 If you are interested in learning more or getting involved with YWF Malaysia, contact Amirul Haikal on Instagram or Facebook.


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