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Our chapters build support for world federalism in their communities with events, actions, and education.

Don't see a chapter in your area? Learn how to start a chapter below. 

Start a Chapter

Our chapter organizers are critical to building support for world federalism in communities around the world. Spreading awareness, educating the public, and organizing events and actions are key to putting pressure on leaders to support a united world.

Create a Local Message


World federalism is often too broad and distant for people to engage with. Our organizers translate and localize the message of world federalism for their local communities, connect global issues to the local and national level, and make world federalism accessible. 

Gain Skills for the Future


Grassroots organizing takes many skills that a relevent across sectors and industries. Communication, argument, social media management, event organizing, writing, design, and fundraising are just a few of the skills you can gain from becoming an organizer. 

Build a Network


As an organizer, you'll meet people in your community and around the world. Making friends, meeting lawmakers and local leaders, and building strong relationships with other organizations that believe global problems require global solutions are just some of the ways your network will grow as an organizer. 

Why start a chapter?

Starting a chapter is ideal for anyone interested in gaining leadership skills and building support for world federalism in their community. Our chapter organizers receive close support from the YWF Organizing Committe to help them with events, communications, and organizing materials.

How to start a chapter?

There are two types of YWF chapters. Associate Chapters are existing organizations which agree and support our mission and vision but are legally separate organizations which may only use the our logo and name on projects related to world federalism. Official Chapters are started by YWF, they are legally tied to the organization and use the YWF logo and name in their name (e.g. YWF Berlin). To start either type of chapter, send us an email at

What's the catch?

We encourage all chapter organizers to become dues-paying Members of YWF, however this is not a requirement for organizing in your community. A chapter organizer who chooses not to become an official member will not have the same rights as a Member. They cannot vote or join Committees or Working Groups. If you would like to have a bigger impact on YWF, consider becoming a member and joining the Organzing Committee which coordinates activity between all Chapters and works closely with the Board of Directors.

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