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YWF Malaysia – Statement on the Israel/Palestine War

Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed by YWF Chapters do not necessarily represent all of YWF. For the YWF statement on this topic, click here.

Amirul presented an image of Jerusalem, a city of great significance to multiple religions, often referred to as the 'Holy Land.' This city has been a major source of amity in the decades-long conflict between Palestine and Israel.

We are deeply concerned by the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel. Amirul Haikal, the Organizer of the YWF Malaysia and Chairman of the One Nation Malaysia Association has offered his perspective on this long-standing issue.

Amirul noted, “The conflict between Palestine and Israel has persisted for over a century, dating back to November 2, 1917, with no lasting resolution in sight. This enduring tension stems from the struggle for control over Jerusalem, a city of great significance to Muslims, Christians, and Jews.”

What happened on November 2, 1917?

On November 2, 1917, the 'Balfour Declaration 1917' was issued as an official statement of British government policy. It expressed support for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine, with the condition that it would not infringe upon the civil and religious rights of the non-Jewish community in Palestine, nor the rights and status enjoyed by Jews in other countries.

This declaration took the form of a letter from British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to British Jewish leader Lord Rothschild, with the intention of it being conveyed to the Zionist Federation, a private Zionist organization. The content of this letter reflected the consensus reached by the British Cabinet during a meeting on October 31, 1917. It was also presented as a gesture of 'sympathy for Jewish Zionist aspirations.'

This historical context underscores the complexities surrounding the Palestine-Israel conflict, which has deep historical roots and multiple perspectives.

Amirul reiterated, “Since the issuance of the 'Balfour Declaration 1917,' the ongoing conflict between these two nations has persisted, ultimately resulting in a state of war. It is evident that a peaceful resolution remains elusive as long as the Israeli government remains steadfast and continues the hostilities, and violent extremists continue to carry out acts of terror.”

Not only Muslims but also Buddhists (on the left side of the picture) and Christians - who are members of the One Nation Malaysia Association (on the right side of the picture) - have expressed their concerns regarding this issue and share a common desire for the cessation of this conflict.

Some may wonder if my support for Palestine is solely due to my Muslim faith. That's not the case. I stand with Palestine not just as a Muslim but as a global citizen, believing in the importance of safeguarding humanity for a better world. The relative coexistence of Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Jerusalem throughout history showcases a rich tradition of peaceful living, respect for each other's beliefs, and the preservation of harmony in the 'Holy Land.' Unfortunately, this relative harmony was disrupted when the Zionist movement intervened, triggering a tragic conflict that claimed the lives of innocent people.

The Al-Aqsa Mosque, located in Jerusalem, has been a place of Muslim worship for over 1300 years. Its exclusive use by Muslims was recognized by the League of Nations, the precursor to the United Nations, which was established to promote world peace. This recognition should be respected by all parties involved.

Loss of Innocent Lives

The increasing loss of innocent Palestinian lives is a deeply distressing concern; whilst it is understandable that there is currently fear and anger within Israel, the collective punishment of Palestinian civilians is, legally and morally, wrong. The tragic deaths of children, women, and the elderly are an affront to humanity. Such actions should be subject to legal scrutiny and proportionate punishment. No one shall use ‘religion’ to shield wrongful acts. The pursuit of the 'Holy Land', for example, with illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, should not come at the cost of disregarding the consequences for the future. For those who hold religious beliefs, it's important to heed the teachings of their faith. None of our faiths endorse harm caused by human actions.

Looking back on history, Jerusalem once served as a place where people of diverse backgrounds could live together in relative harmony, transcending religious boundaries. Today, innocent lives are caught in the crossfire as the quest for power takes precedence. We must collectively strive for change, to end this prolonged conflict. 'Political Power' is no longer the path to a better world; it's time for our global community to evolve for a brighter future. A new era awaits us, where political power will yield to a 'One World Government' guided by principles of justice and democracy. We should recognize that we are a 'Human Family' entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding our world from harm. This is the purpose of our existence. Palestinians deserve to live in peace, as do people worldwide. The right to live in peace should be upheld for all.

Taking Action for Peace

Let us reflect on the current situation without resorting to blame or hostility. It is important to address the consequences of war, cruelty, and oppression through peaceful means. If the global community remains silent in the face of such catastrophes, the progress we have built over centuries may be at risk. We must all work together to prevent a devastating future.

Members of the One Nation Malaysia Association, along with Amirul, expressed their support for humanity and the goal of ending war by displaying a sign.

We urge world leaders, especially those representing the Islamic community, to champion peace and security. It is a collective responsibility not to shy away from these challenges.

We call upon people worldwide to seek a deeper understanding of the ongoing conflicts. Despite perceived differences in race and religion, we are a global family with a shared responsibility to protect our world. The future of the next generation depends on our actions. It is our mission to unify the human family and advocate for a peaceful coexistence.

Let us reject violence, animosity, and war. These actions harm our world and its inhabitants. We must work together to change the course of history for the better. How much longer can we allow these tragedies to persist? Our world is in dire need of positive change.

Mission for the New Generation: A New Era – A New World

As the Organizer of YWF Malaysia and Chairman of the One Nation Malaysia Association, with a special mission to promote global unity, not only within Malaysia but worldwide, I view the recent conflict in Israel and Palestine as one of the most significant crises in human history.

Amirul is a young individual dedicated to the mission of promoting social unity in Malaysia. Despite his youth, his ideas regarding the unification of humanity have advanced significantly.

I urge all of you to support world federalism and the mission championed by YWF and the One Nation Malaysia Association for a brighter future for the next generation. Once again, I emphasize the need for unity and the recognition that we are all part of the same human family.

I hope that people worldwide will take heed of my message so that we can achieve a peaceful coexistence. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people affected in the region, and I fervently wish for the restoration of peace. It is my sincere hope that Palestine and Israel can find common ground and work towards a unified agreement for lasting peace.

Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed by YWF Chapters do not necessarily represent all of YWF. For the YWF statement on this topic, click here.


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