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Addendum - February 27, 2022

The recent escalation into a full-scale war has deeply shocked us. Putin's invasion of Ukraine has destroyed the last shred of hope some of us might have clung to that the anarchic system of sovereign nation-states that are accountable to no one can somehow fix the problems it created. Before the eyes of the world, it has failed, utterly and entirely.

On the order of Putin, Russian armed forces have committed countless war crimes. European states have been incapable to coordinate a timely or effective response to the aggression. As Russia unilaterally vetoes the resolution to withdraw troops, the UN Security Council has proven worthless yet again in preserving peace.

We need a global order based in enforceable world law, now! War criminals like Putin need to be tried in court and held accountable for the crimes they have ordered. We need boots on the ground under the democratic control of the world's citizens to protect people from war. We need a world federation, so that we have to be neither victims nor executioners.

The Ukrainians under attack, the Ukrainians fleeing to safety, the Russians being arrested and beaten for protesting against the war started by a dictator, the people all over the world fearing for their loved ones in the area - they all pay the price for our failure to abolish war when we had the chance.

Beyond fast humanitarian aid to the victims, beyond military support for those fighting against the aggressor, beyond moral support for those opposing the dictatorial Putin regime, it is now the duty of every one of us to do our very best to make war a thing of the past, once and for all.

It is not utopian. War is an institution which ought to be and can be abolished. We can achieve that by holding those accountable that start wars. By declaring war illegal and arresting, suing, and trying the perpetrators in court and executing the court's ruling.

Never from the beginning of recorded history nor on any part of the Earth’s surface has there been peace except within a state. World peace can only be established by applying the principle of the state, i.e., rule of law, democracy, inviolable rights, and the separation of powers, on a worldwide scale.

Start with the most immediate concern. Call Russia's aggression for what it is: thuggery. Treat Putin for what he is: a war criminal. Hold him accountable and bring this horrible event with justice to an end. Then do the same with all other war criminals, until there is no one left.


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