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Policy Brief


Protect our home through law and regulation, by prosecuting crimes against the environment, taking effective action on climate change, and building a sustainable economy.


Climate Action Now

Enable a just and quick transition away from fossil fuels via world law. 


  • The international agreements aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions are failing. [1] The planet continues to warm [2] as national governments compete over who, what, when, and how to tackle the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. Breaking this stalemate requires a global authority with the power and legitimacy to negotiate and enforce binding agreements. A world parliament is necessary to compel countries to act, e.g. through a global carbon tax, or cap and trade scheme, [3] or any number of the proposed solutions to the climate crisis.

  • The current international system is dominated by the biggest polluters. Communities most affected by climate change should be given greater influence on global environmental policy, through a world parliament acting for the common good of humanity.



Stop Environmental Destruction

End extractivist development, enforce global environmental protection and prosecute offenders. 

  • Protecting the environment currently relies on international treaties lacking enforceability. Countries disregard environmental treaties to stay economically competitive so they continue to burn forests, pollute waterways and oceans, and generally turn a blind eye to environmental degradation. Binding and enforceable global legislation would prevent this environmental destruction by holding each country and corporation to higher standards of environmental protection and prosecuting those who break the law. 


Build Sustainability

Create a sustainable economy so that every generation can pass on a healthier planet.

  • The current system of international agreements was built with the aim of providing a framework for peaceful competition in the global economy. Yet the focus on independent nations distract from the reality of our interdependent world by putting national interests before global necessity. A world federation would turn attention towards the common interests of humanity, build mechanisms for countries to create a sustainable global economy, and avoid the destruction of unaddressed climate change.

A democratic world federation turns the unfulfilled promises of international treaties into enforceable world law. A world federation allows humanity to bring these four ideals into reality: 









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