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Policy Brief


Advance science, technology, the arts, and education from a global perspective so that all people may contribute to and benefit from new innovations.


Science Without Borders

Support advancements in science and technology, and ensure that science informs our world’s leaders.


  • International competition can hinder the ability of scientists to cooperate effectively and share valuable information. A world federation would facilitate the global collaboration between researchers and enable scientific breakthroughs and the development of cutting-edge technology by innovators from every corner of the globe.

  • Global and national politics should be based on the best available research. Scientific research should not be restricted or tainted by national strategic interests. A world federation would protect the principles of scientific freedom, including the communication and education, and ensure global safety and ethical standards in research and development.


Unite The World

Extend the free exchange of information and people everywhere.

  • Division and discrimition are often the outcomes of nationalism taught at an early age. A world federation would have the ability to remove travel restrictions, support common language learning, and fund cultural exchanges for the global youth and students. These efforts would expand perspectives and promote the vision of a united humanity.


Think Big

Explore space and embark on scientific and technological endeavours so that all people may benefit from the next revolution in technology.

  • Independent national space and science programs allow for national pride to get in the way of progress. A world federation could fund and operate a more efficient, unified space program for humanity and allow the humans to travel into space as citizens of Earth.

  • Just as ambitious global cooperation has provided global public goods like the International Space Station or the Universal Postal Union, a united humanity could tackle emerging issues such as space debris, multiresistant bacteria, and artificial intelligence. United, we will be able to go beyond what is possible today and open a new chapter in human history.

A democratic world federation turns the unfulfilled promises of international treaties into enforceable world law. A world federation allows humanity to bring these four ideals into reality: 









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