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8th Annual Week for World Parliament

Global Event calls for the creation of a #WorldParliamentNow

The 8th annual Week for World Parliament led by the Young World Federalists, Democracia Global, and Democracy Without Borders was a huge success! In-person and online events on every populated continent spread awareness and built support for the idea of inclusive and participatory global governance.

The week was launched on October 21st with an event organized by Democracia Global which highlighted the need for a world parliament and showcased the World Parliament Experiment platform run by Democracy Without Borders as a tool for global democratic decision making.

This year was a success due to the hard work and dedication of organizers around the world. Thank you to those who organized events, spread the word of global democracy, and strengthened the community of world federalists around the world.

Throughout the week, a Model World Parliament in India, led by YWF Associate Chapter: Global Federal League, saw over fifty young people from South Asia and beyond participate in several committees aimed at addressing some of humanity's biggest challenges. Additionally, a 3-day seminar on world federalism and global democracy was organized by YWF East Africa alongside several online discussions organized by YWF Japan, Oceania, Indonesia, and our partners in the Young European Federalists (JEF). There were several in-person demonstrations this year, many were organized by MFE in Italy as well as YWF Germany & UK, and our partners at Citizens for Global Solutions in the US.

The Week for World Parliament closed on October 28th with a debate with members from the World Federalist Movement on the topic of a world parliament. The debate focused on what issues a world parliament should solve as well as what format the global democracy should take. Questions arose on whether or not a potential assembly representing humanity as whole should meet online or in-person, or use representative or direct democracy. Later, the relevance of innovative forms of democracy like deliberative, liquid, and sortition was discussed.

Lastly, the Open Letter for World Parliament garnered well over 200 signatures from individuals and organizations. Many climate activist groups and civil society organizations from around the world signed in support of global democracy. Read the blog on the Open Letter here and see the full list of signatories here.

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