About Us

The Young World Federalists are part of a movement that goes back nearly a century, and an idea that goes back millennia. Support for world federalism peaked after the Second World War, when many who had witnessed the destruction and horror argued for the creation of a world government to prevent such atrocities in future. Prominent supporters included Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Harry Truman, and Winston Churchill. During the Cold War focus shifted to the more immediate challenge of averting nuclear annihilation. 


Today, the movement for world federalism carries forward the tradition of fighting for a fairer and more peaceful world. The Young World Federalists are a recent addition to the movement, seeking to bring world federalism into the mainstream through modern activism. We join several like-minded organizations, all fighting for the same goal. Our lively community, online presence, and youth complement the other advocacy organizations, which include:

Our Vision

We envision a sustainable, just and peaceful world through democratic, federal world government. A world in which every human being is equally represented in a world parliament and where global politics is based on cooperation rather than competition.

Our Mission

The Young World Federalists is a global movement of people who believe we can run our planet better. The current system of sovereign countries competing to secure their conflicting interests is broken and fails to tackle the global challenges we face. We believe people should cooperate to secure their common interest, through a federal, democratic world government.

We work to raise popular support for world federalism by building relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations, by creating content to spread awareness, and by supporting YWF Chapters around the world. Join us to create a sustainable, just, and peaceful world – together.

The problems we face can't be solved by any nation alone - only together.

Our Team

Daniel Blewitt


  • Co-founder and Executive Director

  • After This Podcast Host

John Vlasto

United Kingdom

  • Advisor

  • Democracy Without Borders Associate

Ole Persen


  • Team member

Andreas Hemmetter


  • Communications Director

Luca Alfieri


  • Advisor

  • Young European Federalists

Thomas Lorans


  • Team member

Emilia Ismael


  • Advisor

  • Democracia Globia

Nicolas Rowe

United States of America

  • Co-founder and Operations Director

Charles Marsh

United Kingdom

  • Programs Director

Liam Trainor

United States of America

  • Team member

Aimé Pingi

Canada / DR Congo

  • Team member

Vivian Davidson


  • Advisor

  • WFM-C Vancouver Chapter President

Eston McKeague

Germany / USA

  • Director

Yasmina Gourchane

United States of America

  • Advisor

  • UN 2020 Campaign

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